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Septic Installation

Title V rules

  1. Do I need a Title V inspection when you sell your house?

    In most cases yes. If you are selling to direct family or selling for cash, then you usually do not need an inspection, but in almost all other cases you do.

  2. How long is an inspection good for?

    A Title V inspection is good for 2 years before another is required to sell the property.

  3. I have a new septic system, do I need an inspection to sell my house?

    If you had the installation in the last 2 years then no inspection is required. If you had your system pumped at least once during that two years, then you have 3 years before an inspection is required to sell the property

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Septic Installation

  1. My system failed an inspection, how do I get a new one installed

    Your first step is to find a state licensed engineer or designer in the case of RI. They will schedule a percolation test with the approving authority to test your soils. Oncee that is completed, then they will create a septic design for you and have it approved for installation. Once the design is approved you should get several quotes from installers for the work, hire the installer of your choice and they will handle it from there.

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