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At New England Outdoor Products, we believe in supplying you quality products at a fair and reasonable price. We offer you a large selection of outdoor products including sheds, gazebos, play sets, swing sets, picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, doghouses, dog kennels, and chicken coops. Additionally, we provide a range of landscaping products including mulch, screened loam, screened compost, clean fill, stone, and asphalt grindings. 


You can count on the team at New England Outdoor Products to assist you from start to finish! Let our experienced and knowledgeable team help you find the right products to suit your specific needs. Our staff will be your guide as you design your outdoor products to match your distinct vision. They will explain the importance of layout and site preparation in order to ensure your new outdoor products will, in fact, serve the specific needs that you have envisioned! 

Spring is in the air and cleaning up from this winter will be a lot easier for you with a new shed!

At New England Outdoor Products, quality materials are our standard. We stand behind ALL our products because we choose to supply only high-grade products made with high-grade materials.  We construct superior outdoor products using premium materials at an affordable price! New England Outdoor Products does it right the first time, every time.


All of the sheds at New England Outdoor Products are built on site. Our builders demonstrate their superior craftsmanship in every shed. We do not (and will not!) build low quality sheds. We take great pride in our products, which is why we will never use substandard materials. We do not build with 2X3s or OSB, like “press” or “chip” board. Instead, we build with 2X4s and exterior grade plywood so we can confidently stand behind our products. 

Serving all of New England. Free shed delivery to Massachusetts and Rhode Island.